Overcoming Obstacles to Learning Animal Communication

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If it is your New Years Resolution to expand your consciousness through the amazing experience of  learningi to speak telepathically with animals, you are certainly in the right place to take a look at what might become an obstacle for you.  Each obstacles or challenge along your path is a gift you are giving yourself.   As you move through the obstacles, as you seek out the benefits within each challenge, you take back your personal power and you succeed at reaching or even moving beyond your goal.

In the talk today, I spoke about being playful around developing your telepathic abilities.  Here's an example of how I was able to creatively solve a problem I faced in telepathic communication.   By approaching a situation playfully and opening to possibilities, I expanded my telepathic talent and solved a problem all at the same time.

How play can open us to expand our abilities.

Some years ago, while Echo, my equine teacher and friend was in body, one of the horses at the barn where she lived was euthanized.  When I arrived at the barn after my day in the "computer mines," I could feel that all the horses were very upset.  It was not only in their behavior but in the energy of the entire barn.  Even other people were noticing that the horses were unusally quiet.

The next morning, as I was doing the morning chores (feeding, turning out, and cleaning stalls), I could sense tremendous anger and grief from all my equine friends.  How could I help them?

As I got into my car to head home, eat breakfast, and rush off to work, I knew I had to do something.  "How can I help them?" I kept asking myself. 

Up until this time, I had only ever spoken with 1 animal at a time.  There were 16 horses in the barn.  As their morning caretaker, I knew each one personally.  I knew I could speak with each one separately, but I didn't have enough time to do that, considering that my busy day of commuting was about to begin.

Then I got the idea that maybe my mind could be like a telephone switchboard.  Have you ever seen pictures of those?  The ones that telephone operators used to use before computers?  Each board had lots of holes and lots of plugs.  When someone wanted to make a call, they would contact an operator, who would connect with them by putting a plug into the appropriate hole, and then, to connect them to the party they wanted to call, the operator would put a second plug into another hole.

"Maybe," I thought to myself, "I can just plug each horse into a spot in my mind and it would be like a conference call."

Now if I had taken time to think about this, I probably would have said something like this to myself:  "Nedda, this is nuts!  You're nuts!  This can't work.  You don't have slots in your head to put plugs into!"  If I'd kept going along this line of thought, I probably would have talked myself out of it completely.

Instead, I thought, "Wow, I wonder if this could work?"

So . . . . . I decided to try it.  I went down the barn aisle in my mind (while driving the car home from the barn), and made individual connections with each animal.  I invited each horse to be part of a conference call.  When I had all 16 horses conferenced in, I told them I could feel how upset they were and that, if they wanted to do so, we could have a ceremony for the horse who had died.  We would do this later in the evening, after all the horses had been fed and put to "bed."  I told them that this was like a funeral - something humans do to honor the life of someone they love who has moved on into spirit.

I checked with each horse to see what he or she felt about my idea and to answer questions.  Everyone agreed.  I "hung up" the lines.

That evening, after all the people except two other women who were open to Animal Communication had left the barn for the night, I invited each of the horses to participate in the ceremony.  I connected again with each horse just as I had that morning.  I gave an opening prayer.  I then invited each horse to make any comments, share any feelings he or she wanted to share.  Most said very little.  When we were finished, everyone seemed more at peace.

So here is an example of how being playful and creative expanded my telepathic abilities and solved a problem at the same time.  I had no idea whether it would work.  I just decided to try it.  When it did work, I was amazed and delighted.  And most importantly for me, I had discovered that when I needed to do something new and different, I could look back to this situation and remember how I had resolved it.

Please share stories of how creative play in your Animal Communication practice has opened you to new possibilities. 


Please ask any questions you might like to ask.


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