Animals and the Final Journey

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Dying is not a calamity to animals as it often is for humans. It is the leaving of a body which was used to have certain experiences over a period of time. Without a body you can't have experiences and it is the aim of every creature to have these.

Depending on what experiences you want to have, you reincarnate into one body or another.

To the animal the leaving of a body is not connected with the end of life, it is just a change in the form of being.

Dying is not a taboo subject to animals and they do address it. They also exchange experiences with deceased animals to have a better and easier death.

I have been allowed to witness it a few times. How animals, which are no longer in the body, helped those which were close to death or preparing for it.

My animal companion Spot, now in spirit, says that dying is a skill which needs to be learned. Most people but also quite some animals (specially those who live with humans) do not know how to die.


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  1. Virginia Hill says:

    Hi, Paloma!

    Regarding the preparation for death time and the five phases: in a case of an accident, a crash, or during hunting seasons, or even a fatal snake bite and all that can cause a sudden and tragic death to an animal – is there still suffering or lack of understanding after the cross-over in these cases? Can we still help somehow?
    I guess the other side of this question is, considering the same situations, but the animal is near death – what can be done in a very short period of time without knowing the animal?
    Thank you.
    Virginia Hill

    • Tiertalk says:

      Hi Virgina

      First of all we need to know that there are accidents or other situations which we think take the animal by surprise but which are actually planed by the animal. In that case the animal knows perfectly what is happening.
      However, there are situations though in which the animal is surprised. In those cases the animal might not even know that it has left the body.
      When I drive on the road and I see a dead animal on the road I always check if there is still anybody there and if everything is fine. I can remember a hedgehog which was killed on the road and as I drove by and checked I noticed him trying to get the body to move. So I told him that the body was broken and that he needed to find himself a new one. He accepted it and was also a bit happy he had not to keep on trying to move that body.

      You can lit a candle for the animals which dye in an acciedent or any other bad situtation. You do not even have to know the animal. Just lit a candle for all the animals which are run over by a car for example.

      As to the hunting… this morning I drove by a forest where there was a sign that they were hunting there, so I contacted the animals in the forrest and told them what was going on and told them to stay hidden unless they wanted to leave their body.

      If an animal is near death and if there is not much time you can tell the animal to hurry up with the dying phases so that there is no dying trauma. An animal can go through the dying phases quite quickly if needed.

      I hope I have answered your questions and if you have any more, feel free to ask.

      Love and Peace

      • Virginia Hill says:


        Thank you so much for your answers.

        To illustrate my question above, unfortunately I saw the internet news today about the fire in Ohio that killed more than 60 horses in a barn. I cannot even imagine what those horses went through during their final moments. I want to believe that this is the one situation the animals were taken by surprise dont you think? Because otherwise why they would choose to die such a terrible death?
        I will light a candle for them tonight. If you think we can do something more to help please let us know.

        Thank you.
        Virginia Hill

    • Tiertalk says:

      Hi Virginia

      Sorry for not answering earlier. I have been on a trip and just came back.
      Animals usually leave the body when they see that there is no way of keeping it.
      For example when an animal is being hunted by another and it realizes that the other animal is going to get it, it actually leaves the body. Tony, my first dog, told me once that no animal suffocates ever, they leave the body before that. So what we see is not always the truth. We might see a body which is struggling but that does not mean that the being is still in there. It usually is not.
      We humans tend to identify ourselves with our body but we are not our body either. We are a spiritual being having a physical experience. We are a soul who lives in a body. The same goes for our animal friends. So I guess all those horses left their bodies, the moment they realized that there was no way out.

      Love and Peace

  2. Nedda says:

    Hi, Paloma,

    As you were speaking today, it occurred to me that the subject of animal suffering, either because of the illness that is moving them towards death or because of the dying process itself, is something that concerns people. Here in the US, veterinarians often tell people that they should euthanize to prevent or alleviate suffering.

    Could you please explain what suffering means from the animal’s perspective? Does it mean the same thing that it means to humans? Is it an emotional state? Does it have more to do with pain? How can we tell when an animal is truly suffering?

    Thank you.

    • Tiertalk says:

      Hi Nedda

      First of all sorry for being late in answering but it was a totally crazy day over here.

      In the second dying phase the body starts to produce drugs in order to ease the pain. As to the suffering we really need to define what suffering means. An animal can suffer by seeing the human not being able to cope with the situation. An animal can suffer by not knowing excatly how to leave the body because the human is still clinging to it. I think those situations are worse for the animal than the leaving of the body itself.
      As to the illnesses, animals see illnesses from a completely other perspective, since they have the distance to the body which we humans lack.
      When I talked to animals which were near the moment of leaving the body they used to tell me “I feel fine but my body does not function any more the way it should”. It took me quite a bit of time to realize that the animals have the distance we don’t have any more. Most humans think they are their body but we and all living beings are a soul living in a body. We are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

      If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Thank you.

      Love and Peace