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Reincarnation of our animals is a bright light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

The first glimpse of this light happens when we communicate with our beloved pet and find that he has made the journey to the other side and is comfortable, serene, and surrounded with those he loved.

However, we still feel the emptiness on a day to day basis. When he returns to us we can actually feel the joy that had been missing and the void in our hearts fill to overflowing.

Please share your stories of a reincarnating animal friend and/or ask questions. 



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  1. shadowsfire says:

    I lost a very dear dog named Charmin in Jan 1992. This was in the days before I reopened to AC (or so I thought)It was a hard year full of loss, but it also held some good points too. I ended up moving home to live with my parents for a while. And since my father wasn’t working anymore actually had a chance to get to know him. It was a good thing because he passed away that Dec. So all things happen for a reason.
    Well fast forward a year and I was out at the animal shelter looking for a dog. Well I of course had to look around the premises so that I was sure it was someplace I could actually work. I kept seeing these huge puppy ears but try as I might I couldn’t get close enough to see who they belonged to. I went to the front desk where I had dropped off my employment application and asked to see the dog. They brought her out to me.
    I was outside sitting on a bench and she came out sat at my feet looked me straight up in the eyes and I knew she was coming home with me right then and there. It was am instantaneous connection.
    I named her Mischief, and she was so much like my old Charmin in looks and actions. I just know it was her come back to me.
    Mischief is gone now, as was her buddy Tabu, but I feel them visit from time to time now. And I think they are helping to guide the dog in my life now, Jazz. I think its Tabu more than Miss since she does things that only Tabu did. Chew her front nails, wait til the opportune scaring time then pop up and bark at people. Yeah, she is very much like her. Including learning how to heel my horse and goat. Not something her Pomeranian/Schipperke/whatever she is is known for but much like my old heeler did.
    But unless Jazz is a Tabu walk in I don’t think its her, Tabu is just teaching her from the other side.

    • Anita Curtis says:

      Hi Marci,
      Thanks for your e mail. It is so good to know that there are others out there who are reuniting with their beloved animals.
      You would have to ask Jazz if she is a walk-in or not. Just ask for a simple yes or no, nothing complicated, and trust the answer you get. If you are too emotionally close to hear the answer, call an animal communicator to help.

      Jazz sounds like a wonderful treasure.


  2. sumr918 says:


    Very interesting subject. I have lots of questions.

    You say to wait for the pet to indicate when and where and even if they will reincarnate back. For those who contact animal communicators these questions might be answered. How does a pet let the person know if an AC isn’t contacted? Does then intuition take over, for example suddenly getting a feeling to go to such and such a place at such and such a time?

    If a pet wishes to reincarnate back and the time has been set how is the person alerted to this if an AC isn’t contacted? Intuition?

    You mentioned that sometimes when an AC is contacted the pet will say they are at such and such a place already, ie, the shelter. What would have happened if an AC hadn’t been contacted? Many people don’t contact ACs. How do their pets come back to their person then? Does the Universe take over and direct them?

    How much control does the person have over the reincarnation of their pet? Is it of major importance to leave it up to the pet to choose the next body? I’ve heard of people picking out a pet, it doesn’t act the least like their pet but after a week it starts to. A walk in perhaps. Can a person do that then? Pick a pet and wait for their pet to reincarnate back or does the pet have a plan and a time and it may not include a walk-in. So if it works for some was it just a coincidence? That the pet was going to walk-in and the person chose the body but some pets won’t choose a walk-in and picking out the body isn’t going to make that happen if it’s not the plan.

    It has been said that one can recognize their pet if they look into the eyes, there is the soul recognition there but that must not happen all the time. As I said, there are people who get a new pet that doesn’t look or act like their pet and they have their pet reincarnate into that pet over a period of time.

    Some go to a shelter or home and there are signs that that is their pet riaght from the get-go. Some get a pet that looks exactly like their pet and that pet doesn’t look or act like their pet ever did not even after a period of time has passed. Not ever. So out of all these choices what does one pick?
    Some try picking the pet and the body and the pet spirit complies, some don’t. If a person goes ahead and gets another pet and the other pet didn’t wish to reincarnate back to that pet does it impede the process in any way? That the person intercepted a process by trying to control it in some way?

    If the pet indicates they are already at a shelter or home that has had a litter. What does the Universe do to ensure that no matter how many people are going through the shelter or answering an ad in the paper, if a person
    hasn’t contacted an AC, to direct that person to that pet, that no matter how many people go to the shelter or answer an ad advertising litters in the paper
    that that pet is meant for that person and no one else. What about if an AC hadn’t been contacted- that pet is at the shelter and the person, if they hadn’t contacted an AC wouldn’t have known that. Then what?
    A sudden urgency to visit a shelter or check the newspaper and visit a home that a litter of kittens/puppies?

    What signs do you suggest one looks for in waiting for a pet to reincarnate back to them that the process is happening? What signs that the pet is their pet? If you say look into the eyes is one of the signs. What if a person does and the puppy or kitten looks exactly like the person’s pet, puts it’s little paws through the bars of the shelter cage to you to get your attention and is the only one out of the 30 there to do that and does it several times yet you look into the eyes and the recognition at the soul level isn’t there.Do get the pet and hope for a walk-in? If you do and it wasn’t your pet does it somehow act as a replacement then and impede reincarnation because a substitute was chosen.

    If say, a person is waiting for a cat if a certain breed to reincarnate back to them and is really hoping the dog will reincarnate back to them as the same breed, however, they happen to pick up a stray kitten at some point. Is there the possibility that cat could do a walk-in because
    the vehicle is there regardless of the fact that the person is wanting the cat to reincarnate back as a certain breed? You spoke about them wanting to come back as what the person would want but what if a vehicle is there? Could the cat walk-in temporarily into the kitten and then at some future point reincarnate into another cat? If the latter what is the impetus that would make them do that if they already are in another body already?

    How important is the recognition at the soul level as seen through the eyes when people have had their pets reincarnate back to them and they adopted the pet from a breeder online and never looked into the eyes once. Yet they get the pet pretty well sight unseen and it acts like their pet the moment it enters the house.

    I’m a bit hesitant to contact an AC because I’ve heard instances of others contacting several over a period of time. One will say look for Great Dane in the Spring and give details, yet another will say the pet will reincarnate back as a grey tabby sometime in the fall. while a third doesn’t believe pets reincarnate but stay in the spirit world. To what would you attribute the discrepancies?

    If one contacts an AC how quickly can a pet spirit be contacted? Immediately? How long does it take approximately, during a session to find out where and when and if a pet will reincarnate back to the person? You had said that sometimes there’s talk about being in previous lives together. If that happens is it the pet that brings up the subject and other subjects and one must wait through a process to finally get to where and when the pet will reincarnate back to the person? So how long should a session be just to find out when a where a pet will reincarnate back to the person?

    Can one encourage their pet’s spirit to make itself known to them, appear to them, feel or see their presence,etc? If yes, how can one do that?

    Thank you for speaking on pet reincarnation. It is a subject that should be discussed more. BTW, do you still do AC work? If so, are your rates still the same as listed on your website?


    • Anita Curtis says:

      Hi sumr918,

      Thank you for your interest in a subject that is dear to my heart. I printed your blog out and have it in front of me so that I don’t miss anything.
      The reason I say to contact an animal communicator is because many people do not trust that they are hearing the correct information from the animals. We AC’s are certainly not an elite few who can only answer your questions. I was hearing animals long before I knew about communications. I chalked it off to a lot of coincidence.

      I often tell a client, “You will wake up one morning and know it is time to go looking for your pet.” It is not intuition, it is your pet talking to you.

      I don’t think the person has too much control over the reincarnation of their pet, but it will turn out to be one they will love. I would never have bought an Arabian filly when I was in my late fifties, but I just had to have BB. 15 years have gone by and she is still with me.
      I always had female dogs, and one came back as a male. I asked him why and he told me that I had to be shown that males could be smart, too. That dog went straight to a ball that had been buried deep in the ground for several years by the original dog. He dug and dug until he got it and then said, “See, it’s still here.” I sure knew who he was!
      I don’t know if the pet has a lot to say about the choice of his new body, or the Universe, Higher Power, etc. knowing what we need to grow spiritually.

      You don’t always have a chance to look into the pet’s eyes. Some come to us over the internet. Sometimes there is a frantic phone call for an animal that needs to be sheltered. Some things feel right, and some don’t. Go with your feelings.

      I have to put this aside for five minutes. I am going to send this to you at this point because I am in absolute awe of computers, but still don’t trust them. I would not want to retype all of the above.


    • Anita Curtis says:

      Hi. I’m back.
      This is part 2, so start with the message below this reply and it should make more sense.

      I am up to the part about picking the right pet. You can’t go by looks. Sometimes you will get a return pet that looks like the original, but it could be a different species or breed. It is the spirit that is returning, not the physical individual. If it is not time for your pet to return (maybe he has more lessons to learn on the other side, or a job to do) you cannot impede or control the process. It will all happen when the time is right. I used to love to think that I was in charge. Now I know I could never do the work the way it is supposed to be done.

      Most of the stories I hear about an animal in a shelter are that the people who looked at them just didn’t like them because of appearance or size, or some other reason. Breeders are often amazed that one of the litter is ignored by buyers, and then a certain person shows up and falls in love with that one. BB is the second beautiful horse that I got that started out UGLY. Check out her picture on the home page of my web site. I saw my first horse not as he was, but as he became. I looked back at pictures one day and wondered how I ever could have picked him out. When I looked at later pictures I realized that was the way I had seen him from the start. Believe me, he was a rack of bones with big ears. When I bought BB I was doing animal communications. When I bought the first horse 50 years earlier I didn’t know there was such a thing.

      Go to a shelter. If nothing feels right go somewhere else or just wait a while longer. If your pet wants you to see one that has accepted his request for a walk-

      in, your pet will make you stop and stare at that one, or have you take some kind of interest. Or that puppy or kitten will make eye contact or come to you.

      If an animal is waiting for a certain breed or situation to walk-in, and another appears he might choose to walk into that body if he knows you will not take another animal if you have that one. If you pick up a stray, but will also take the kind you are waiting for, he will probably wait.

      Discrepancies happen. We go to doctors for second opinions for that reason. I went to a doctor who told me I had brain cancer. I didn’t feel right (do you sense a pattern here?) The second doctor found I had a bladdar infection, treated me for it, and I’m still here 22 years later. I still don’t know how you can confuse a bladdar infection with brain cancer, maybe because I passed out, but that’s a long story for another time.

      You can contact your pets at any time here or on the other side. I limit my sessions to 15 minutes. You can get a wealth of information in that time as the animals usually love to chat.

      You can encourage your pet to visit. I usually take three deep breaths and say the animal’s name three times. I don’t know why it’s three, but it works for me. I ask them to come visit, tell them I love and miss them, and how much joy they have brought to me. The feeling I get is that if I opened my eyes I would see them standing in front of me. The reality is that their energy would be there, not their physical body. They are there. Talk to them.

      I hope I have answered everything. I am trying to semi-retire. If you want to call me you will be told that I am not taking new clients. Tell the person answering the phone that you heard me on the forum and I will take your call. I do have some very talented people taking calls from new clients if you would like to talk to them.

      I charge $30 for a 15 minute call. You can get an audio tape for an extra $5 if you wish.

      Thank you again,

  3. Anita Curtis says:

    Dear Julie,
    I am so pleased to hear your animal reincarnation experiences. I’m sure your new baby will be happy to be home soon.


  4. jarct says:

    Last year we had 4 reincarnate, one had passed 4yrs ago, then we had 3 pass last year within two months of each other. And we had another pass this May which he is on his way home as we speak, this one the details of him being in his moms belly the swishing around, and he was born on his original birthday which was Aug 21 so he will be 6 weeks old this Fri. we were told he was close by and we have specific details of what the litter looks like and the sex and what the mother looks like and some details of the humans that have him. So altogether we will have 5 that have reincarnated the details in finding them were just amazing and all have come back as kittens the brother and sister came back together again as brother and sister and what is a shocker she came back almost identical to what she looked liked, they all have chosen to look somewhat similiar to what they use to look like. I found though as kittens they have their own agenda and are very busy so when we did find them I took a picture of them and had our communicator confirm that that was them, we trusted in what they said to us, once they came home you could see that was them because they brought back with them some of the same traits as before or personality and when walking around it seemed familiar to them you could see that. So yes we’ve had an amazing journey last year and as we speak, we feel very honoured and for them to love us that much to want to come home for another life time with us, means so very much to us and we love them so very much. I do have to mention something else, the day that the 3rd one passed my best friend came over with a litter of kittens she rescued and we were not in any position to take any I felt aweful just even the thought. This one kitten came right up to my roomate and it reminded me of Sparky the one that passed 4 yrs ago, we went to visit the kittens and the same kitten came and sat on my lap while the others played so we thought there is something to this. So we had a communication session and asked about these kittens would it be ok to bring a couple into our home and we asked all the ones that have passed and the ones that were still with us and everyone said it was ok. So we did we took a girl and a boy, then we started noticing the boy doing things that the other cats used to do, again we had a session and found out that the ones that passed were channeling through Freeway to connect with us, thats what we named him Freeway and Maxie, so they were two new additions to our family so yes we will have 8 kids as I call them and they are very spoiled and we couldnt imagine our lifes without any of them and we wouldnt change a thing. I really didnt have an opinion of reincarnation when we first started this so I was open to it and I’m glad I was we have almost have all our babies home and not one has missed xmas, we still have a 17 yr old that has to have insulin twice a day and she loves having everyone home. Ive learnt alot through this experience and keep on learning because they have alot to teach me. Its been an amazaing journey and we have Cathy Currea to thank for that our animal communicator she is very much a part of our family thanks for listening
    Ontario, Canada