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Blogging with Dr. Kim Ogden-Avrutik


Thanks to all who listened to my talk about Asking the Animals.  If you have any comments or questions, I'd be very happy to hear from you!

Here's a story I didn't have time to tell during the talk, but I'd love to share with you.  It's from my book, Ask the Animals, published by Lantern Books.  If you like this story and would be interested in reading 23 more uplifting, heartfelt and true stories, you can order the book directly from www.Lanternbooks.com.

I can't say enough good things about this publisher, if any of you are interested in publishing a book through a publisher that really cares about animals, the earth and just celebrated their 10th anniversary!

Best wishes and here's the story:


"Clancy Is Clear About The Creator,"
Ask the Animals: Life Lessons Learned as an Animal Communicator
published by Lantern books, © 2003.

Clancy wants his story known, and I promised I would tell people about him.  He wants other people and animals to know what he endured so that if they have a rough time, they should not give up.  They should keep going.  Things can get better.  That's what happened to Clancy.

Carrie Shae, his second human companion, sensed that Clancy had been abused.  When she asked me to uncover what had happened to him I hesitated.  This was not a case I was sure I should take.  But she was very sincere and wanted the best possible life for Clancy.   He seemed to have some strange behaviors, and Carrie Shea needed to know more about his background in order to help him overcome them.

When Clancy told me all that had happened to him at the hands of an alcoholic bully, I cried.  I was in an emotional wasteland for about two days.  I told Carrie Shea and we cried together.  It explained why he didn't want to be touched in certain places, and why, in addition to having been starved for so long, he sucked on wood.  It also gave a bit of insight into why, now, he wasn't eating.

That was the big problem.  Clancy simply wouldn't eat.  And he was losing weight fast.  I asked many questions:  Did she need to change his feed?  That helped a bit.  Yes, even though it was recently purchased, it did seem there were some insects in it.  It reminded him of his horrible days.  He ate a little, but he still seemed depressed, Carrie Shea said.

Even though Clancy's stall was on the same property as Carrie Shea's home, I got the feeling someone was scaring him.  Sure enough, Carrie Shea verified that there were footprints in the snow in Clancy's stall that were not hers.  A big shoe or boot size; probably male footprints. 

Was someone terrorizing Clancy?

Clancy verified that a man had been in the stall, but he didn't seem to want to hurt Clancy.  Carrie Shea called a friend on the police force to be on the lookout and patrol the area for awhile.  I felt Clancy could sense the tension in Carrie Shea, and he was still not eating very much.  

Carrie Shea spent as much time as she could with Clancy, but she had a regular job and a life that kept her busy.  She was also a little afraid to go to the barn, since she thought the mysterious man might be waiting for her there.  Her visits to Clancy became less frequent.  When I probed further, I found that Clancy thought Carrie Shea was going to neglect him just like his first owner did, since he was seeing her less and less.

Bingo.  I know we had hit the base of the problem.  He feared he would be neglected again and he was dependent, maybe too dependent, on Carrie Shea.  He felt she was his only friend.  I knew what I needed to do.

I asked Carrie Shea if I could have some time with Clancy to just teach him about a loving Force, one that is friendly, one that provides safety, one that can help us in loneliness.  Carrie Shea agreed.  Now I know that there are a lot of people who still don't believe that animals are sentient, heart - filled beings, but my work has shown me differently.  Clancy is proof of it.

That week, I had to fly somewhere, but since animal communication can take place anywhere and distance is not a problem, I decided I would share my plane adventure with Clancy.  He was so happy just to have someone to talk to.  I told him about the clouds.  I told him how soft they looked and how comforting they appeared.  I assured him that his life with Carrie Shea would be good, and much more comforting than anything he had experienced before.  I asked if he could help her, too.  I explained that if he ate, she would feel better and happier.

That week Clancy and I spoke about birds, and I asked if he could make friends with the birds around his pasture and barn.  He believed he could.  Within two days, he had some bird friends that would regularly land on him!  I told him that he never needed to be alone again, that the grass was his friend, the sun was his friend, and that these were all symbols of a great and friendly Force that would be with him, always.  He had lots of friends, not just Carrie Shea.  I told him that this good and loving Force was closer than his own breath.

I felt a change in him.  And he started eating.  I asked Carrie Shea if I could send down some metaphysically - oriented cassette tapes for Clancy, since he was apparently quite an advanced thinker!  She said she would play these in his barn when she couldn't be around.

I was so grateful that she agreed to do this.  So many people would not have.  And why?

Is it so scary?  Aren't we all in this together?  Why should we think we are spiritual beings, but that animals are not?  Why should we be on a spiritual path, but think they are not?  All the great Masters have seemed to love these beings called animals.  Noah must have had extreme tolerance and love to be with all that noise and commotion for forty days.  Buddha said that "when a man has pity on all living creatures only then is he noble."  Allah talks about bees being spiritual creatures and carrying divine messages to us.  Jesus proclaimed; "Go into all the world....and preach the gospel to every CREATURE." He didn't say just your fellow human beings.

Why don't we listen?  Why don't we embrace animals' divinity, too?  If we believed they were spiritual beings, just as we are, we would have to treat them with dignity.  Maybe that's what some people are afraid of.

Kim Ogden-Avrutik, Animal Communicator
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