Through the Eyes of Love

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Blogging with Carol Schultz


As we further explore and learn with the animals, they have many thoughts and words of wisdom to share. We can look to them for guidance and inspiration.

The animals have asked us to share here in this forum:

What is it about animals that inspires you?
What is it about animals that helps to heal you?
How can animals support further exploration and adventure in your life?

As I reflect upon these questions myself, I know that animals help to bring me a sense of calmness, peace, inner knowing and trust, plus gratitude. Their ability to live in the moment and enjoy life is a continual reminder when things seem to become a challenge, and positive energy and momentum is needed to move past what may be my own blocks and hesitancies.

Blinky, one of my two feline companions, is brave and solid. I find her to be a source of strength and groundedness in looking forward to tomorrow. She encourages me to enjoy the things in life that I have not yet experienced, and to "get it done". Augie, my male feline companion, is soft and gentle in his approach and style. Yet he is clear about his boundaries, and what it is he will, and will not do. He knows how to live life on his own terms, and enjoy every minute. The balance that the two of them provide for me and my family is precious and priceless. Their unconditional love is an example for me every day in patience, understanding, and compassion.

Thank you for your own words of sharing, reflection, and inspiration on this path of connecting with and honoring the insights from the animals.


p.s.  Here is the link for the free gift that I am offering to folks who listened to my teleclass.  Thanks for listening.


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  1. Carol:

    I would like to share a message of love that was given to me from my little white dove, Juliette. Juliette was given to me two years ago by someone that couldn’t keep her anymore. I was asked to give a presentation at a bookstore here in Portland on the basics of animal communication. The host requested Juliette’s presence at the class. Out of courtesy, I asked Juliette if she wanted go. She said she would love to as long as I passed along this message of love. Here is Juliette’s message of love to the earth:

    “Love is all there really is…
    Everything else is illusion.
    Particles of misguided interpretation
    Sifted through levels of
    Confusion and misunderstanding.”

    by Juliette

    I am still sharing this message as often as I can to keep my promise to her. Thank you for letting me share it with you too.

    Jennifer Parks
    Best Pet Friend

  2. Hello all:

    I’d like to share the messages I received during yesterday’s tele-summit.

    Panda – Cat
    “Love yourself the way you would a beautiful sunset or the way you’d fill yourself with the fragrance of the sweetest rose. Soak it in as if you were one. Then, look in the mirror and see that inside of yourself.”

    Socrates – African Gray Parrot
    “Be more like a bird. Birds fly! They don’t spend a lot of time on the ground. They see things from a higher perspective. Get the bigger picture instead of from an ants point of view”

    Nestles – Dog
    “Take time to really smell things. If it doesn’t smell good to you, then it’s more than likely something that’s not good for you. Follow your own scent trail; the one you are creating with your thoughts each and every second.”

    Woody – Horse
    “Don’t try to carry heavy burdens. Let them go. Only carry what you can handle now. Keep your load light so you can make your journey with enough energy to enjoy it along the way”.

    Thank you, Carol,Panda, Socrates, Nestle and Woody.

    Jennifer Parks
    Best Pet Friend

  3. carolschultz says:

    Thank you all for your openness to listen to and connect with the animals’ healing messages that they desired to share during the teleclass 🙂

    As mentioned in the gathering, I am posting here the questions which were prepared to ask the animals for this class at this time.

    Our intentions were set that their feedback was to be communicated with this special group assembled, both live and via audio recording, to connect and listen with them on a soul level.

    The animals have requested these questions to be posted here, encouraging you to ask your own companions or Spirit animals for related insights that may be profoundly unique for you. You may also be guided to share additional responses received from our “guest speakers” during the class (Panda, Socrates, Nestle, and Woody) here in this blog, or messages from your own companions.

    Many have written back to me following the teleclass how impactful, special, and enjoyable this class was for them. They have shared some of the words and insights they also received during the call, in addition to mentioning what messages especially stood out for them in their own lives.

    The energy coming through in these additional messages received are deeply supportive and transformational. So we encourage you to share further here, either in response to the questions below, or the several in the blog message above.

    As demonstrated during the class, all are encouraged to connect, allow the animals’ words of wisdom to come through, (whether via keyboard, or pen and paper), and be open to share for community connection and healing.

    The animals have also requested a continuation of this journey of connection and messaging through a weekly online practice forum, “Lessons Learned from the Animals”. This has now been set up in the Animal Spirit Cafe online community for current and new members, will begin 9/27/09, and is intended to be ongoing with questions posted each week to ask your own animal companions. Anticipating that the animals will have more to share beyond the question poised, but they have indicated that it’s always helpful to have a starting spark to nudge us humans along 🙂 ( visit for more insights on the available aspects there )

    All messages from the animals shared are intended to provide mutual support, enhance awareness, and deepening connections during this time of awakening, evolution, and powerful energetic shifts.

    May your adventures continue! Here are the questions for the animals:

    What key message would you like to share for this class?
    What is your message to enrich human experience and connection?
    How do you feel you coach, or can coach, your person or other humans?
    How do you define “being” human?
    Why would someone incarnate as a human, compared to some other form?
    How would you help someone to “become” human?
    What would you suggest if someone is feeling challenged, stuck, stressed?
    How can someone achieve their dreams?
    What would you do if you where human?
    Do you have a past life experience (potentially human), and wisdom to share from that experience?
    What would you share as an “inner secret” to exceptional loving and living?
    How can humans pursue and experience “happiness”?

    Blessings on your path of connection, expansion, and abundance on many levels! Enjoy!

    Carol, & Panda, Socrates, Nestle, and Woody

  4. Carol, the messages from the animals that you presented were so very powerful. All great reminders that feeling our own power and purpose as human is truly a celebration. And that is is fun (and should be fun) to manifest all that we are supposed to in this life!
    Thank you Carol. And deep gratitude for the wonderful animal teachers- Panda, Socrates, Nestle & Woody.

    Kristin Thompson