Working Shamanically With Our Animal’s Spirit Tribes

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Spirit tribes are soul collectives that hold memory, myth and identity of their members. Look into the eyes of an ancient breed, like an Icelandic Horse, and you will see the soul of the tribe. Ride an Icelandic at full speed and feel Slepnir's eight legs flying through the air. They feel like they are really your legs, just like it did for Odin riding Slepnir.

One of the shamanic healing techniques I use is reinforcing an animals connection to their spirit tribe. The tribe's healing power can renew the animal physically and emotionally. The tribe's stories explain the animals instincts and needs. When the animal crosses he is reabsorbed into the tribe, and when he is born, the tribe gives birth to him.

Shamanism is all about exploration, and every journey is new. When I journey to animal spirit tribes I learn amazing things about the nature of social connection and our integrated connection with the animals we love. It seems that some spirit tribes are of mixed species, and that explains a lot! What is your experience?


4 Responses to “Working Shamanically With Our Animal’s Spirit Tribes”
  1. carlameeske says:

    Hi! As promised I have created a guided journey to help you reach the spirit tribe of an animal you love. This is a follow up to the talk I gave on Animal Spirit Tribes with the

    You can find the guided meditation file on my website:

  2. Sue Tanida says:

    Carla, I wanted to belatedly say I was on this call live and loved the discussion. I liked how you have a Siberian tribe that links you to the ancient shamans. With me, I have an ancestral connection to Hawaii–even though my family emigrated directly from Japan to the mainland. I love the whole tribe thing and have seen it in journeys with my own cats.

    I don’t think it’s any coincidence that most of my cats are either black, black and white, and then I have the gray, the gray and white, and the gray& black striped tabby…. They form a family and I feel they are from aligned tribes.

  3. Muffywill says:


    If you are a novice at animal communication–believe in it but don’t hear/feel yet–can you still work with the animals shamanically?


    • carlameeske says:

      Hi Muffy – A lot of people find that the shamanic method gives them a different kind of experience and that for many, it is easier that telepathic communication. In the shamanic experience we surrender all our senses to the spirits, and they give us the help we need. It is really pretty simple. On my web site you will see many testimonials from people who were not successful in telepathic work, but found shamanic style communication to be a lot easier! Thanks, Carla