Exploring Your Soul’s Divine Mission Through Your Animal Companions

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Life Changing Guidance from a Sweet Bunny Friend

I have mentioned many times that I feel our animal companions come to us as spiritual guides and even continue to guide us from the other side once they have crossed over. During the last number of years my coaching and consulting practice has evolved toward helping people connect with, and learn from, this divine guidance offered by their animal companions. Clients are able to utilize it to move closer to their ‘divine blueprint' or highest expression of their soul's purpose. Many have taken the information that comes through from their animal companions, and made major changes and decisions in their life, even business decisions, and this is very exciting for me!

A wonderful example of this is my client Lisa in La Jolla California who received and acted upon guidance from her bunny Lulu Belle which led to a life altering experience for her, that involved following her hearts desire, changing careers, and hence creating a whole new lifestyle for herself. Here's the short version of the story: Lisa had been looking to get a bunny for some time, but didn't have that special feeling that she knew was so important, with many of the bunnies that she looked at. That was until she connected with the sweet bunny soul who came to be known as Lulu Belle. Lisa shares ‘the moment I held her, I KNEW she was mine'. Little did she know at that time, that her life would change beyond measure as a result of this partnership.

During the course of Lulu Belle's short life, Lisa was guided by her to leave her career in real estate and follow her true bliss, to create an online fashion boutique. Fashion has always been a passion for Lisa and something that she has a genuine talent for. Now when she wakes up in the morning she doesn't have to dread doing a career that doesn't make her heart sing, but instead does something she loves with the full support of her rabbit friend, in spirit form, who is now offering her guidance from the other side. Lisa even went as far as opening up a brick and mortar version of her boutique in La Jolla and lives happily ever after.


Animal Communication:  a Path to Mastery of the Soul

Many of my students have heard me say that communicating with animals, and all of life, is a path to mastery of the soul. Perhaps you're wondering what I mean by this. What I do mean is that fluffy little puppy, or large draft horse friend, may very well be your own personal ‘guru' or ‘master', and by learning to communicate with her, you will not only gain access to her wonderful teachings and guidance but you will also receive information to advance your own soul along it's unique spiritual journey. This opening allows for the receiving of a myriad of riches almost too vast to comprehend.

"You mean to tell me that my puppy is a guru?" said a surprised client to me. "It's hard to believe, I know" I replied. Maybe it's a stretch for you too, but in time, most of us come to see that our animals, even those on the other side, have great reason for being with us, and huge life lessons to impart. I truly feel that they come to us as teachers and guides to help us advance along our personal spiritual paths in unimaginable ways.

Often, it is in retrospect when we look back on the parts of our lives shared with our animal companions that we realize that they have choreographed many of our life steps in ways that are not only good for our souls but even our soul's evolution. They help us to emotionally heal our areas of pain, open our hearts, guide us with career decisions and transitions, and even help us to get into (and out of) important relationships with significant others. Who would have dreamt that our animal companions could impact our lives so greatly!


8 Responses to “Exploring Your Soul’s Divine Mission Through Your Animal Companions”
  1. Thank you for answering my question regarding of the “missing animals”. I just wanted to let you know that my reaction was odd at that time because as soon you started to answer my question, my cell phone started to acted up. All I could hear was as if alien was talking! I couldn’t make it out at all till almost the end of your answer! I’m not sure if that was “divinely” orchestrated or not, but I just listened to your answer on a record and thank you so much for your opinion on it. I am so glad to be able to listen to you because even though I started recently (for the last 5 years), most of my client’s animals want me to tell their caretaker’s “divine mission”. So, it was wonderful to learn from your experiences and opinions. I look forward to learn from you more.
    Love & Harmony,

    • Thanks Mitsumi. the strangest things happen on conference calls and personally I’ve found that when I’ve missed something, it is often for a divine reason. Maybe it was better timing for you to hear it on the recording at your own time. I’m glad it helped you and I too look forward to connecting more with you in the future.

      Many Blessings,

  2. Deb says:

    Hiya Lynn!

    It was so nice to hear you speak (once again) to what my *own* heart & soul resonates with in the same ways regarding the animals & the roles they play in our lifetimes. In short, I know ‘my’ own fur-kids have been highly responsible (along with, SO obviously, my own soul’s agreement) for orchestrating a huge portion of my own path, leading me to ever higher consciousness. I owe it all to our “team effort” & without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

    I also just wanted to let you know that ever since our last session, I’ve often taken great delight & comfort in you having clearly picked up on my girl being my “heart cat,” as you’d put it – a concept & reality really too large for mere words, I know, but one that quite succinctly described our highly-spiritual relationship with one another. The other validations I received from you about a few other very key & distinctive spiritual realities I’d experienced first-hand with my girl have also helped my natural grief over her transition to soften, and I thank you much for your role in that.

    And just as I’d fully expected by their “Master Spirits” even before you connected with them, both of my kids are, indeed, guiding me from spirit still, ever closer towards being more in sync with who I’m meant to be in this lifetime. Although I still miss them in the physical, it continues to be such a wondrous and ever-evolving dance between absolute soulmates. Who could wish for better teachers than these? 🙂

    Deb H.

    • Hi Deb

      I’m so glad that you were able to be on the call, and I’m happy that you received validation from it. The path to higher consciousness can certainly be an eventful one, but also a very rewarding one none the less.

      I’m alos glad that our last session helped, that’s why I do what I do and it’s always good to hear that it is helping.

      I hope to connect with you soon!

      Many Blessings,

  3. tammy tiffany says:

    Thank you Lynn with my question about Smoke bucking me off, It made me realize that I have avoided my biggest teacher. I need to find out what I fear taking the next step in animal cummunication. So thank you.With Blessings and Love,Tammy Tiffany

    • Mary Helen says:

      Your discussion of our soul’s mission and how it is related to our animal companions was wonderful. I know it to be true but it is so helpful to have examples of this remarkable process.Thank you, Mary Helen Schmidt

    • Hi Tammy, it’s amazing how the animals someitmes step up in such powerful ways to teach and guide us. Your journey with Smoke will be one of great depth and growth, I can feel it. He is a profound being! Horse Blessings to you and yours!