Wisdom From the Whales

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One of the most transformative and pivotal things the whales told me many years ago is that "higher consciousness is not related to species, breed, intelligence or ego. It's the result of a soul's choice to accept and embrace opportunities to grow, regardless of the form (or formlessness) a soul may be experiencing at any time."

Before hearing this from the whales, I had placed them and their wise messages on a towering pedestal, assigning them a greatness I thought achievable only by whales and perhaps saints and bodhisattvas. They called me on the carpet for this view!

I was told that "wisdom is not meant to be shrouded in mystery, intellectualized, or admired from afar as if unattainable, but to be utilized and lived." Furthermore, they admonished me (affectionately!), "not to idolize or worship others' greatness but to access it as guidance as I find my own greatness and live it."

Another significant message came when a client asked "What is the future of the whales?" The response was:

The whales will be fine.
The tides have turned.
The energy of light consciousness on earth has passed the 50% mark.

50% doesn't represent numbers of people or animals who have changed, but the amount of light that has been generated.

Great compassion has been increased within the consciousness of many who are witness to violence and wrong doings on earth. It may not appear so. But there is light greater than we can see.

The energy of love and light emanated from beings on earth now is greater than the energy of confusion and fear. The light in the heart of one being with pure intention to share love with others can serve and help millions in one moment.


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  1. Deb says:

    Thank you very much, Teresa, and yes, your detailed answer is indeed helpful, and is also what I have come to believe, too. Please also thank the whales for their own clarification & perspectives on this! (and I will as well)


  2. Deb says:

    Hi Teresa!

    I absolutely ADORED your presentation today & wanted to say that I agree wholeheartedly with the advice given by the whales.

    To my mind, we cannot say “we are equals in the eyes of Spirit/Source” without at the same time recognizing, even if only intellectually, that ANY one of us who have decided to incarnate on this plane, no matter the species, no matter the ‘group,’ also lives their life as an ‘individual’ soul, fully capable of achieving differing ‘levels’ of consciousness and therefore, growth, or lack thereof. Hearing this whale’s similar perspective on this (re: not putting them, or anyone else, on a pedestal) further reinforced this insight for me, and I thank them for that. It gives me further confirmation that I’m on the right path in my thinking…even though I admit to having a bias to hearing it from OTHER species over my own, given their more common openness. 😉

    As I’ve also heard others say (channelers, etc.), it was rejuvinating as well to hear the whales echo that enough incarnated souls have raised their vibrations beyond the “50%” mark & that the “tides” [an intended pun? :-D] have indeed turned.

    These two examples seem reflective of perhaps the greatest guidance other species have to share with us – that of how hopeful attitudes and thoughts, themselves, help us to raise our vibrations higher, in order to ensure our shared, continual evolution, on all planes and in all dimensions.

    I do have one question that your talk brought to mind, if you don’t mind, one that I’m always interested in having Animal Communicators answer when they can. In similar fashion to asking Keiko for his individual response to living “in captivity”, have any of the whales (or dolphins) shared anything with you about those who are subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of humans? And if so, have their answers echoed those of some other beings who’ve shared that their soul paths included such experiences for one deliberate reason or another, and that this was still all “okay” in their books? This is so far perhaps the toughest piece of “filter” for me to come to terms with when it comes to all species, as I’ve not directly heard this from another species for myself yet. And if not from the whales, have you heard this communicated from any other species, too, as many others seem to have?

    I’m a huge fan of your work & have directed many to your fabulous website. Thanks again so much, for the wonderful, inspiring talk and for being a part of this great, new site & forum!


    • TeresaWagner says:

      Thank you so much, Deb, for all of your comments and insights, and your question about animals subjected to horrific abuse at the hands of humans. Yes, actually the whales have talked with me about this. What I was told is that every animal who finds themselves in harm’s way on the earth, has his or her own karmic issues around this, their own individual and private reasons for being in a particular situation for their soul’s learning. The discussion arose when I went to them (a small group of whales who guide me) for help with my own broken-heartedness in seeing some humans seeming to blatantly not care about the suffering of animals.

      They told me that even though some souls choose challenging or dramatic roles and situations for their own learning and growth which may bring them harm, this does not excuse those who witness their trauma to walk away from it–saying “it’s this being’s karma, I have no responsibility.” The whales taught me that when I become aware of the suffering of an animal, I have a responsibility to respond to the suffering. Sometimes this is physical help, sometimes political action, and very often it is prayer and energy healing. They’ve told me that from their perspective we all have a responsibility to respond to suffering, rather than allowing our overwhelm about it to let us intellectualize the suffering into “it’s their karma so I can walk away, or even participate in their suffering. And, that it’s our karma as the observers of suffering to respond to this opportunity to care or not, to act or not, to make personal choices that either alleviate or contribute further to the suffering. To do nothing, to shrug our shoulders and say “well, it’s their karma,” is to shut down the sacred energies of empathy and compassion within us.

      If we know about suffering by seeing it or becoming informed about it, and we participate in it or perpetuate it anyway, we compromise the integrity of the compassion and empathy in our hearts. We cannot be whole without these energies. To act without them hurts our souls as much as it hurts those who are suffering. Walking softly on the earth, making choices to attempt to harm no one, not only reduces suffering for others but fills our hearts with a fullness and wholeness that is not possible when we remain indifferent to or willfully participate in the suffering of others. Compassion heals everyone.

      Hope this is helpful to your question!

      Love and blessings,