The Telepathic Journey

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Blogging with Penelope Smith


You are welcome to talk about the challenges you are facing in getting accurate and comprehensive telepathic communication with animals. We’ll then look at how to get through those barriers. Here are a few paragraphs from my article connected to my tele-class that may help you focus on these aspects of your journey.

"As students persist in the desire to communicate and as they practice to get beyond their own barriers, they begin to receive morsels of true telepathic communication from animals. Due to inexperience with recognizing how telepathic communication works and feels for them, they are usually unsure whether it is the animal’s thoughts and feelings that they are receiving or their own projections.  By learning to trust their own process and acknowledge the perceptions that they receive, they start to feel the nature or sensation of true telepathic reception within them as opposed to the manipulation of projection. They begin to sense the difference between their own thoughts and feelings and the animals’.  The animals generally happily validate true reception and show by their positive response that the person has indeed understood them.  People begin to believe that telepathic communication is really happening for them, but they have doubts about how well they can do it.

"As people continue to open, soften, feel, and receive more through their heart and whole body, they get more of the full range of telepathic communication from animals, including the animal’s feelings, emotions, and physical sensations. At this stage they can still easily distort the communication with the addition of their own emotional agendas. However, as they practice the communication process, they learn how to recognize and accept the purity and simplicity of what they get from the animals."


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  1. momtess says:

    I have not had the opportunity to take any formal classes. The only guidance I have recieved along with my best friend was through our reike provider and communicator, who moved away. She taught us that animals see in pictures, I don’t relate to mental pictures at all. When I first heard mental words from Tessa (my companion dog)I thought I was making it up. It continued and it then started to come from my friends dogs. I realized that I was communicating in a different way.
    Tessa will sometimes talk( talk/communicate) to me when she has a need, sometimes just to talk. She will interrupt me if she has something say, she is bold. A strange thing happened recently and I don’t know if this was me or her. I felt as thogh this was her being bold. My friend had brought over her dogs, Tessa got in alot of trouble,she acts out when they have come over to many days in a row. The next day another person came over and she was talking to Tessa normal like most people do, going on and on about what happened the night before. Tessa started telling me what to tell her to make her stop because she didn’t want to hear anymore about it. Does this happen, an animal communicating through a communicator to someone who doesn’t communicate?


    • Nedda says:

      Dear Anne,

      This is Nedda Wittels, responding for Penelope Smith, who is not available at this time to reply to your questions.

      In Penelope’s book, “Animal Talk”, she explains that there are many ways to receive telepathic information. This is true in my own experience, as well. Telepathic communication can take many forms, including words, images, feelings, physical sensations, and knowings, just to name a few.

      According to my equine teacher, Echo, how the information is sent is not necessarily the same way it is received. Whatever psychic channel you have open when you start receiving telepatic communication is the one in which you will begin receiving the information.

      In answer to your last question, about animals speaking to whomever can hear them, I would definitely say, “Yes, this can happen.” Imagine – you are visiting a country where you don’t speak the language, but you need to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak English. Wouldn’t you ask someone who spoke both languages to translate for you? I think this situation is rather like that one.


  2. Dany says:

    Thanks Penelope,

    for your detailed answer !
    I do have your book … but may be it is time for me to read it a second time

    It was a really great connecting with you … see you soon ! Daniela

  3. Koda918 says:


    I attended your class this past weekend at Omega with my dog companion Koda (siberian husky). I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to really open up to the world of animal communication. I feel very connected to Koda, as if we are supposed to be together and have been together for a long time, but hopefully I can make the leap to fully understanding her wisdom. I do have a question for you: Are most animals willing to help with the process of opening up to telepathic communication, or will some lose their patience with humans after a certain point?

    • Penelope says:

      Animals are great teachers. Animals are generally very patient with our attempts to communicate telepathically with them. If one animal gets tired of helping you out, rememer there are millions of domestic and wild animals from whom you can learn.

  4. Penelope says:

    Dear Deb,
    I’m off in the morning to teach in NY, and it’s been a busy day of preparation, so I’ll answer your questions and anyone else who has a question after I return.

  5. Deb says:

    Hi Penelope!

    I SO enjoyed your talk yesterday, hearing how your own experiences & journey have culminated (so far) in this greater understanding of the Bigger Picture, which is how I believe (again, so far) it is, too, although I came to this understanding (or “ah-hah!” moments) through several different avenues, with my limited amount of Animal Communication/Communion being only one part of it. Essentially, it all comes down to simply what I FEEL in my own soul to be so.

    But it was ‘my’ feathered & furred kids who were the catalysts of my own spiritual path, as I (yes) assume I was for them as well. We certainly, obviously all had wholly loving prior agreements with each other before incarnating! 🙂 As a note to my chosen terminology of “kids”, I choose to honour one of my roles with them, as “mother”, and their roles as my companions & children (yet also so much more!) as an inclusive part in the wider picture, as both ‘individuals’ and yet also part of the Whole.

    I have not as yet achieved being able to access ALL of the many ways we can experience communion with all beings, except often spontaneously & oh-so-naturally with my ‘own’, so I greatly appreciated your suggestion related to simply “removing one’s energy” from a given situation, in order to still be of service & yet not attach personal agendas that carry our upset. Brilliant!! I can see this as being particularly helpful, as much as we can manage it, in instances of either disrespectful, abusive or even close, personal situations. Makes perfect sense, energetically. If it’s possible, could you elaborate on the methods you use for this, or would you say any mind-quieting technique would work just as well?

    One more question, even though I suspect it’s a very dim hope….is there any chance at all that you might ever yet come to AB, Canada to teach a class or two?

    Additionally, thank-you very much for your above answers to the previous questions. I really like your perspective on not giving weight to what we humans love to do so often – separating all manner of things, instead of thinking in terms of everything as united in the ‘dance’, even if we don’t understand how exactly that operates.

    I’m also highly enjoying your Species Link publication, although I wish each issue was much longer, as I just can’t get enough! 😉


    • Penelope says:

      Dear Deb,
      I used to travel more widely to teach, but now I have trained many people and there are many other animal communicators teaching all over the world. Check our animal communicator directory at for people who are teaching in Canada.

      I’m so glad you enjoy Species Link.

  6. Dany says:

    Dear Penelope,

    Thank you for your talk, for sharing your wisdom, your words were very powerful and opened a lot of doors in me !
    Thanks for opening up this path for everybody to reveal to possibility to discover the incredible beauty of who the animals are.
    It might sound a strange questions, but my questions is “Thus, who do the animals really are ?” “How the instinct, the species-level characteristics, the personality, and the spirituality are merged in them ?” “is it just an individual matter, thus the expression will be different in every being, no matter if it is a snake, a dog, a dragonfly.
    or are there differences carried by each level: thus differences due to the species they belong, differences due to the personality and personal history, difference to on much they have evolved on their spiritual path ?

    When we communicate can we access to all levels, or it varies depending on our vibration, what he tune into and the how we feel, but also on the animal vibration in that moment, whether they are more tuned to their spiritual power and wisdom or whether they are more interested in what is going to be for dinner ?

    Thanks for the magic!
    Looking forward to meet you one day,


    • Penelope says:

      Dear Daniela,

      How each being of whatever species emphasizes and juxtaposes their species, personality, and soul characteristics to play the game or role they have chosen in a particular life is their choice before they incarnate and as they live their lives. Each of us is the divine planner of our existence, even if we may be partly unconscious of our choices once we are merged with form. How conscious we are of our choices reflects our evolution as spiritual beings. This applies to human or non-human animals.

      Here’s a quote from my book, “When Animals Speak,” related to your question.

      There is mystery to the essence of souls: their malleability and their quantity; how we merge with each other, become individuals, adopt forms, travel from dimension to dimension, place to place; how we change and maintain identity or personality characteristics; how we return to Oneness. How does the body, with its individual genetic programming and species patterning, affect the spirit as it reincarnates, and vice versa? How much can we remember from our previous lives and apply to our new forms? How much relearning must take place in “training” or becoming familiar with our new forms?
      For each life, there can be different answers. So much depends on the awareness of individuals and their decisions, conscious or otherwise, about their life paths. I ponder this mystery and understand more each time I experience one of my friends returning. Pasha, now transmuted into Buddha Boy, is very much himself, yet different. He remembers his past, yet delights in experiencing life afresh. He is both ancient master being and fledgling puppy.
      The essence, the core, travels intact, but adds and subtracts characteristics and even soul parts to suit its evolvement or desire for experience. Spirit encompasses total malleability, infinite wizardry, and complete alchemy. We witness the grand design and are part of it, as well as being its co-creators.

      All levels of being, and most of all, the “whole” being can be accessed when we communicate with individual animals. Here’s another quote from “When Animals Speak” on this subject.


      Many people love to divide themselves and other species into parts–soul, spirit, mind, body, higher self, lower self, emotional body, astral body, etc. There are many systems that people have promulgated to explain conflicting impulses or different functions. While you can learn from analysis into parts, to understand beings fully, you have to put them back together again.
      Some people have told me that they talked to an animal’s Higher Self, as if the rest of the animal was inferior. This presumes a Lower Self that is not as pleasant to experience or wouldn’t know what the Higher Self was talking about. I recommend that you communicate with living beings, including yourself, as they are, body/mind/spirit united, with all their experience and knowledge. This approach acknowledges them respectfully and with full appreciation, and they have an opportunity to respond to you as whole beings and to grow accordingly.
      Animals can tell you about anything from the highest values and purposes to what they want for dinner. You don’t need to split them up into parts of consciousness and correspondingly negate or prioritize communications.

      I look forward to meeting you, too.


  7. Nedda says:

    Dear Penelope,

    Your talk yesterday was profound. For many years now, even though being a professional Animal Communicator has been the center of my life for over 15 years, I did not make the full connection that Animal Communication is a spiritual path in and of itself. I don’t know why I kept compartmentalizing Animal Communication and Spiritual Ascension, but I did.

    Yesterday, for the first time, I “got it” that, for me personally these two are completely intertwined. My entire perspective has made this shift.

    Thank you so much for helping me make this breakthrough. Not only will it have a major impact on my life and my service, but this will also affect others who come to me for classes and for help with their animals.

    I am most grateful!!
    Love and Light, and many Blessings,

  8. elainekrist says:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity to listen, participate, and grow. I have been communicating for 3 years and still struggle in calming my mind to be able to hear my animals. I am able to connect better distantly with animals than my own.

    So I continue to struggle and grow and after today, I felt more hope in being able to hear my own precious souls that live with us.