Anna Breytenbach 12/19/12

TELECLASS -- Wild Wisdom: Engaging with Our Wild Nature
Anna is a South African animal communicator who leads workshops and nature retreats.

Anna Breytenbach 12/19/12 Anna Breytenbach 12/19/12

Pea Horsley 11/21/12

TELECLASS -- Animal Communication: Develop your Ability with Practice
Founder of Animal Thoughts in 2005 and author of "Heart to Heart", Pea has a worldwide client base and teaches Internationally.

Pea Horsley 11/21/12 Pea Horsley 11/21/12

Irene Bras - van Leeuwen 10/17/12

TELECLASS -- Animals and the Development of Human Consciousness
Irene Bras - van Leeuwen is an animal communicator, healer, teacher, crystal skulls guardian and developer of the Oneness Crystal Skull Essences.

Irene Bras - van Leeuwen 10/17/12 Irene Bras - van Leeuwen 10/17/12

Nedda Wittels 9/19/12

TELECLASS -- Animals and the Shift of the Ages: Ready - Set – Go!
Nedda listens with her heart, offering compassionate, supportive solutions for you and your animals.

Nedda Wittels 9/19/12 Nedda Wittels 9/19/12

Amy Ruegg 7/18/12

TELECLASS -- How Animals' Past Lives Inform the Present
Amy is a professional clairvoyant, Animal Communicator, Intuitive Healer, owner of EnSyncwithAnimals, and co-director of BPI.

Amy Ruegg 7/18/12 Amy Ruegg 7/18/12

Georgina Cyr 6/20/12

TELECLASS -- Iridology for Animals
Georgina is an Animal Communicator, Iridologist, Herbalist, and Natural Health Consultant.

Georgina Cyr 6/20/12 Georgina Cyr 6/20/12

Nedda Wittels 5/16/12

TELECLASS -- Learning to Listen Telepathically
Nedda has been telepathic with animals since childhood and a professional since 1994. She offers compassionate assistance to people and their animals.

Nedda Wittels 5/16/12 Nedda Wittels 5/16/12

Jacquelin Smith 4/18/12

TELECLASS -- Tracking Lost Animals
Jacquelin has been an international animal communicator for over 30 years, is author of Animal Communication and Star Origins of Animals, and a teacher.

Jacquelin Smith 4/18/12 Jacquelin Smith 4/18/12

Carla Meeske 3/21/12

TELECLASS -- Stories from the Shamanic Healing Clinic for Animals

Carla Meeske 3/21/12 Carla Meeske 3/21/12

Billie Dean 2/14/12 - Note special date and time!

TELECLASS -- Surviving the Changes: Forward to Basics for the New Era
Billie Dean is an internationally acclaimed writer and speaker on animals, their spiritual and holistic care, telepathy, welfare and rights, and the 2012 phenomenon.

Billie Dean 2/14/12 - Note special date and time! Billie Dean 2/14/12 - Note special date and time!

Barbara Goodfriend 1/18/12

TELECLASS -- Earth Changes and Our Animal Companions
An animal’s sensitivity to planetary changes and intensifying solar energies can influence their behavior.

Barbara Goodfriend 1/18/12 Barbara Goodfriend 1/18/12

Are your animals drinking Structured Water?




Tiger getting a drink.

In the wild, they drink what they can find.

Dog drinking water.

At home, they drink what we offer them.

Even bathing in structured water can make a difference to your health.

Even bathing in structured water can make a difference to your health.


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