Animal Communicator Forum Where telepathic communication with animals is as natural as breathing. 2016-10-20T17:40:24Z Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[Structured Water Is Extending Violet’s Life.]]> 2016-10-20T17:40:24Z 2016-10-20T12:47:14Z I love structured water because it's extending Violet's life. Violet has been in stage 2 renal failure since the fall of 2014.  She is now 17 years old and doing amazingly well.  Here's how I take care of her. She eats a raw food diet, which means that all the water in the cells of […]]]> 1 Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[What Makes Squirrels “Squirrely”?]]> 2016-06-06T16:24:16Z 2016-06-06T16:24:16Z Have You Ever Merged with a Squirrel? Well, I did, and ... It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was immediately dizzy. It felt like my head was spinning. I had to pull back from the merge. I had to sit down in a chair. After grounding myself and regaining my balance, I asked the squirrel […]]]> Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[Red Fox Visitor]]> 2016-05-10T14:18:25Z 2016-05-10T14:18:25Z On the Hunt. Look Who's Here for Breakfast. It was already full daylight when I saw this red fox on the prowl.  Determined to find his own breakfast in my yard, he kept sniffing round and round atop the woodpile. He even went up under the tarp, but he moved so fast, I couldn't catch […]]]> 5 Josh Coen <![CDATA[How Your Energy May Be Derailing Your Animal Communication.]]> 2016-05-05T12:40:44Z 2016-05-05T12:40:44Z My own dog snubbed me — again! In fact, it was the fourth or fifth time since I started down the path of learning animal communication a year earlier that Gingersnap left the room just as I was trying to telepath or practice some energy work with her. As she was my original motivation for wanting […]]]> 3 Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[Give Up the Crutch of Confirmation.]]> 2016-05-01T17:05:40Z 2016-05-01T17:05:40Z "Stop Giving Confirmation in Animal Communication!?" "What?" "Are you serious?" This is what I asked my I Am Presence one day when I received the guidance to stop giving confirmation to my advanced Animal Communication students. By "advanced" I mean those who have been studying Animal Communication for several years, have taken several courses with […]]]> 4 Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[Telepathic Broadcast]]> 2016-04-25T10:59:16Z 2016-04-25T10:59:16Z How does the universe respond when you send out a general broadcast or telepathic "call"?   Last October, 2015, Hattie, the semi-feral resident feline of my back yard, opted to leave the physical plane. She was over 16 years old and had a lump on her side.  She consciously decided to leave, found a predator […]]]> 15 Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[Seeing Purrley.]]> 2016-02-28T16:21:45Z 2016-02-28T16:21:45Z Seeing Is Believing ... or Is It? Purrley when he first came. Last fall, I blogged that Purrley was gone, as in gone from the Earth plane.  I couldn't reach him or find him telepathically after he didn't show up for food for 5 days running.  Did I jump to a conclusion? Over 20 years […]]]> 2 Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[Is My Missing Animal Still Alive?]]> 2015-11-30T12:30:07Z 2015-11-30T12:30:07Z Can An Animal Communicator Tell? How Can You Tell? I received an email over the weekend from someone with a missing cat.  Here's what Erica asked me: My cat has been missing for a while now & we have searched & searched our property & neighborhoods & found no sign of death etc so we […]]]> 3 Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[In Memoriam: Purrley.]]> 2015-11-26T15:35:18Z 2015-11-26T15:34:25Z Each Life Path Is to be Honored. When Purrley first came. Who are we to judge? When we can be the neutral observer, it's easier to be in compassion for ourselves and others. Purrley touched our lives with his beauty and his struggle to understand his experience of abandonment. Purrley is no longer on the […]]]> 8 Nedda Wittels <![CDATA[In Memoriam: Hattie]]> 2015-11-25T13:01:45Z 2015-11-25T13:01:45Z The Times, They Are a Changin'. Hattie Reflections on a Life Well Lived. Hattie is gone.  She has left the physical plane and is now in spirit.  It took me a few days to check in with her because it wasn't unusual for her to go off for a couple of days, although very rarely […]]]>